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Updated personal page
27 Dec 2007

The Notanant 'Your profile' page has been updated. If you are registered you will see a clearer layout and more options. launch
24 Jan 2022 makes your phone number into your place on the web. If you have something to sell and you just want to give out a phone number, then turns that number into a webpage so your visitors and customers can see what you are selling. - your number puts you online

Tableless design options and CSS
15 Aug 2013

The user-created nature of Notanant means that we've used a table-based layout for web-display and then provide simple one click links to accessibility versions for text-to-speech and mobile webpages. However, some designers prefer to use a table-less design, so we now have that option too.

Spam with fake addresses
23 Sep 2007

It's come to our attention that is being used in fake email addresses in spam (starting 21/9/07). We never send out unsolicited emails. Never. Read more on the problem of fake emails...

Search Engine Optimisation and Notanant
16 May 2007

A brief introduction to the principles of search engine optimisation (SEO) for Notanant clients with a downloadable mini-guide.

Notanant update - May 2007
16 May 2007

A brief guide to the updates on the system system February including changes to security, accessibility, components and a raft of other bits. Available as a downloadable .pdf file.

Notanant drives research community
14 Jul 2022 market research is now using Notanant technology to underpin its specialist online panels and research communities at

New Spam storm with fake addresses
28 Mar 2008

It's happening again (28th March). There is another round of emails being sent with fake Notanant email addresses today - we've received more than 600 bounce backs to us this morning already, so we're pretty inundated with the spam. I'll repeat we never never spam.

Internationalisation and Notanant
07 Aug 2007

In the light of repeated requests, Notanant is becoming multi-lingual. Site administrators will be able to easily add language variations of any content they create, and users will be able to switch instantly to the language of their choice.

Interface update
21 Feb 2008

Just a quick note, the edit-in-place (where you can click and then edit content directly) has been updated as it was causing a problem following links. It's still there on the page but you just need to double-click now.

Cxoice Insight Technologies
21 Apr 2022

Notanant's content management system with community management provides the underpinning for Cxoice Insight Technologies integrating market research and insight management into an easy-to-use organised project and knowledge management platform.

Complete apps in Javascript
09 Sep 2022

Javascript forms the underpinning of almost all the front-end development for modern websites, with the use of frameworks like Angular, VueJS or React where the front-end is the view and controller to access backend services. The trend has developed into progressive web-apps (PWAs). To go one stage further is to create full web-apps in Javascript that are fully-functional even without a backend. The Cxoice Questionnaire Editor is an example, which connects to a Notanant backend for services 'through the gate'.

Changes to Notanant's user interface
30 Mar 2012

We are introducing a  menu bar at the top of the page for each site to make it clearer where to go to edit your site. If you don't see the menubar look for the 'emerging butterfly' icon at the top right of your browser window and click it.

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