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New Spam storm with fake addresses

It's happening again (28th March). There is another round of emails being sent with fake Notanant email addresses today - we've received more than 600 bounce backs to us this morning already, so we're pretty inundated with the spam. I'll repeat we never never spam.

If you are trying to trace the spam source, the reality is that anyone can fake an email From and Reply-to address on an email and spammers like to use fake email From or Reply-to addresses to make their emails seem more respectable. Which is why we are now getting hundreds of bounce backs and have been inundated by bounce-back spam - we're really not happy about this.

If you want to know more about spam mail look at as there is little that can be done. Mind you bouncing back 'undeliverable mail' just serves to double the number of bad messages.

Our advice is never, ever respond to any unsolicited emails. And particularly never every buy anything from an unsolicited email. If someone is spamming you, there's a good chance they'll steal your credit card details too, and any log-on or identify information and the chances of getting genuine goods are practically zero - even if you get something you have no idea if it's real or has been poisoned.


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