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Notanant is a tool for creating and building high-powered, feature-rich websites. Within the Notanant community, you can find groups, businesses and personal sites. Each site on Notanant can have its own members and its own look and feel. The structure and placing of the content can also be totally unique.

Easy to edit sites and pages

Easy to edit

Pages on Notanant are fully editable online, allowing you to easily make corrections and add content whenever is convenient, without the need for any technical knowledge. Sites come with their own image galleries so you can uploaded and resize pictures to place on the pages or in the site layout.

Full membership control


Membership is at the core of Notanant. You can be a member of multiple Notanant sites with just one password and login id. For example, this could cover general membership of one site, editing privileges for another site and complete ownership of a different site.


Notanant has its own complete emailing system, members can exchange messages and also send messages to external email addresses. The messaging system is also used for HTML newsletters and editorial alerts and approvals.


Each Notanant site comes with a set of components which can be used to display different user features like menus, search fields and calendars. These components use an object based system, which means the layout of a site can be adjusted in a matter of seconds. They are also dynamic and change automatically as you add new content and depending on your membership.


How a site is viewed and how much interaction a viewer can have is controlled with permission rules. These allow you to choose what is available to the public or to members. Within the site the menus and links change depending on what your permissions are. The permissions also allow you to set up or restrict editing privileges for members, allowing for maximum control over content.


To help you keep a smart appearance on the internet each site comes with access to a range of pre-designed templates. These range from up beat blog designs to smart corporate layouts, allowing each site to have its own unique style. Simply chose a template, then start adding in your images and picking from the components. The template can be switched at any time with just a few clicks!


Help siteDemonstration of standard templatesFor more infomation try our quick start guide in the help site or browse through the designs available in our template design site.

Alternatively click on the Try button to have a go, you can have a trial site that you can edit and change for 14 days without even having to register.

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