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Notanant is founded on the principle of connecting people and information and making it easy to manage all types of communities from small clubs to professional subscription based shops or directories.

Notanant is based on the idea of collating, organising and sharing information between people. By starting with this people-focus, Notanant websites are easy to create, use and manage and have a wide set of functionality to make it easy to connect people and information.


  • Where-you-are-is-what-you-edit principle. Go to the page, edit it. No complex back-end or administration side
  • Full rich-text web-based editing for pages
  • A dynamic and natural structure that makes it easy to grow and add content
  • Role-based permissions and access to manage public and private areas
  • Sites and Subsites design for depths
  • No-code design - everything can be driven through a browser
  • No technical knowledge needed

Content features

  • Specialised content areas for articles/pages, news, galleries, forums, blogs etc
  • %%components to allow a wide variety of content and links to be brought through automatically to any page or the site layout
  • Site calendar with site events and possibility of member sign-up to events
  • User controlled alerts system for content areas
  • Site contact page and active address details (search by location)
  • Built in search facilities
  • Facilities for comments, bookmarking and reviews and sharing these with others


  • Dynamic site layout management - all sites page layout can be configured straight from a web-browser
  • Full content-independent CSS based templating system that is instantly switchable
  • Choice of templates and banner images
  • Custom templates easily added to order

Audio / Video

  • Ability to include images, audio and video
  • Specialised photo galleries with automatically generated thumbnails
  • Ability to embed video from sites like YouTube and Picasa
  • Online resizing of images
  • Automatic optimisation of images for fast loading pages
  • Ability to add and re-edit alt and title tags

Membership and community tools

  • Sites are built to have members (may just be the administrator)
  • Friends network and social networking as standard
  • Permission-based access to all pages and content areas based on membership
  • Site linking and ability to build cross-site networks and communities
  • Member management with options to create officers, set and enforce subscriptions
  • Member's control their privacy and have their own page for their profile, password etc
  • Member-to-member communications via email and via Notanant internal web-mail
  • Bulk-member communication and ad hoc member groups can be set up
  • Self-registration and subscription available depending only on permission settings
  • Approval system for content, membership and member management


  • Content management with page history
  • Automatic administrator's site map and site statistics
  • Simple permission-based switches to turn features of the site on or off
  • Permission-based menus for administrator and users (don't see options that are unavailable)


  • Extendible page-by-page internationalisation and multi-language capabilities
  • Shop and product management:
    • Catalogue, order only, download with payment and full payment based shops
    • Product control with options and full product configurator possible
    • Download and music products handled automatically through the system
    • Music products, lo-fi demo versions created automatically
  • Ability to build ad hoc scripts and classifications on data - for instance for contact forms, or for articles sharing common data fields (semi-structured data management).

Example uses

  • Website and content management
  • Social networking applications
  • Membership management and publishing
  • Directory and matching services
  • E-commerce systems
  • Knowledge management
  • Intranets and internal permission controlled websites
Outline specification 2007

Outline specification of the Notanant system for reference.

CSS layout and structure

If you are interested in providing template or graphic designs for Notanant, this document outlines the CSS and page structure

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