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Custom design for businesses Custom design for businesses

Notanant comes with a with a full range of editing, e-commerce and membership features that make a website that is more than just a display. Our custom designed websites take your business to the next level of interaction and interactivity, with custom designs and unique look and feel - just see our examples .

Designs to suit your business
Clean bespoke designs

Our design team pride themselves on being able to create tailor-made great looking designs for your business and being able to copy any existing designs you have into Notanant, so you can move to a Notanant system without losing the brand recognition of your existing site. See our examples.

Advanced features

The businesses we work with often start with a simple site, but then realise they need something more - the ability to sell products, or to take bookings, or private dealer areas, to invite people to join their association. Our technical support team help show you how to get to the features you need quickly and easily making your site a more powerful sales tool in the process.

Our support packages mean you get help and support when you need it, someone who will look over your shoulder and make suggestions or help improve your site.

Writing copy for you to improve sales and SEO rankings

Many business customers don't have the time to create their own initial content and our team can work with you to create your initial site structure and write copy for your site that will be successful with your customers and with search engines. Once the site is established, it is common for business owners to slowly take control of their own content using the CMS to edit content and add new pages without having to come back to us to make the changes. This means the site can be very dynamic, changing and adding offers according to local circumstances or the time of the year, without needing to keep going back to the design team.

Bespoke and custom developments

We'd like to claim we'd thought of everything, but when you have a range of businesses using your systems, there are always new features and new ways of using the site so it fits with your specific business requirements. Our development team are continually improving Notanant and adding new features. If a customer has a requirement that we feel others could benefit we will add the feature free of charge. If it's something unique, then Notanant has built in-hooks to enable bespoke customer code and we can develop it for you.


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