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Content-managed, member-based web systems

Notanant provides the tools to develop rich online community and knowledge management systems for organisations looking to build websites and intranets based around membership - such as sports associations, clubs, voluntary bodies, or professional organisations.

Notanant makes it easy to set up websites with integrated content management, social networking, knowledge management and even e-commerce for full-feature community-based web systems or internal knowledge management platforms.

At the heart of Notanant is a rich permission controlled environment and tools for sign up and log-in that can be set up and managed just with a web-browser. The instant where-you-are-is-what-you-edit design and site management with deep functionality makes it simple to set up a 'no-code' system for communities.

Notanant can act as a pure CMS websites, to advanced intranets and knowledge systems, or can be used as a content management platform in other technologies such as Cxoice Survey Technologies.

Web for communities

Our systems are built around communities, with full permission-controlled access to resources, an expandable yet logical structure for holding data and information and role-based access to tools and services. Communities can be clubs, businesses providing client or customer access, research communities or internal-based intranets.

Our sites include public-facing and private areas, ability to upload documents, images, and extend to contact management and e-commerce abilities from sales and project control, to managing market research agencies to handling internal knowledge management.

For bespoke designs and web-applications, contact our professional development services on 0117 915 4557 to find out more. See our examples. - your number puts you online

Customised social networking and Web applications

Notanant systems is designed as the launchpad for communities and networks, from music communities, providing space for bands and allowing them to sell their downloads, or a network of sports clubs and associations with complex membership management requirements, or an online magazine house looking for a delivery mechanism to manage subscribers. Notanant can do all these quickly and easily, reducing your development time, whilst extending your functional specification.

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Notanant is founded on the principle of connecting people and information and making it easy to manage all types of communities from small clubs to professional subscription based shops or directories.

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