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I'm just a gatecrasher...
13 Jul 2012 16:47

Just found this site: excellent. Here's an exerpt from stuff I'm writing about gigs I attended....

March 21st 1991

Death Bang Party @ The Half Moon Putney

Swifty went to the French Alps for his company's Xmas party (alright for some?). He came back with the story of how, one evening, they were all whooping it up, getting the apres skiing going etc., when the doors flew open and this geezer and his lady barge in, and start dancing, still with their skis in. S'pose you had to be there, but it turned out he sang in a band called Death Bang Party,  who would vary from about 4/5 people to about 15, depending on who was available. This night they probably hit double figures, with a full brass backline present.The erstwhile skier is resplendent in vicar's attire, except when he turns around, he is entirely nude from the back, somewhat like that Kenny Everett character, "Where's the party?" sing the girlies. "The party's up my ass" responds our vicar...great fun. There was a bit of audience participation that required everyone to get down on their knees to worship the Goddess Of Love. There was one chap who didn't seem to be complying, so we started to shouting at him to get down to our level, befor we realised he was, in fact, a cripple. The poor guy spent ages getting down, and just managed to get there, when everyone else was on the way back up, so to speak. Felt a bit bad about that: sorry mate. They were flogging a cassette of their stuff that night, but unfortunately I didn't bite, though I did purchase a T-shirt. Swifty did, however, so I must get him to get it CD-ised.

Never saw them again, unfortunately!

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