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DBP - revenge of the Scumbag Posse

Death Bang Party (DBP) were a cult band that played around London between around 1989-1993(ish) with an outrageous stage act, music to dance to, Doctor Death Bang and where 'good things must be happening'.

Fay says: "a few of the old dbp-ers are in the easy skanking band:"

If you missed it, there was a lot of  'you-had-to-be-there' to appreciate the music, the moves and the show. But sadly, they are no more, and there is very little around on the Internet about them. So this is an attempt to keep a memory alive as a former member of the Scumbag Posse, but who never knew any of the band personally. Please note some of DBP's music and humour is likely to offend sensitive souls. If you are of a weak and gentle disposition or under 16, please close this window now ("you've had your last warning...").

On YouTube NOW! Thanks to Pete Vanilla.

The Party went from an introduction to DBP, a few songs to get you moving like "Slide on by" and "We like to party" followed by a semi-interval with the country song, before the outrageous F.U (or get your cock out) and a mock religious meeting with the High Priestess of Death Bang. There were crowd calls, catchphrases, dance moves and steps and the audience ("the scumbag posse") was 100% expected to take part. Like I said you had to be there to truly appreciate the magnificance. It was just such a great time.

The music was a mixture of ska and high-quality parody of things like the Beastie Boys and Glam Rock, though Doctor Death Bang also has his croner moment with the excellently danceable waltz Celia (dedicated to Celia Johnson in the film Brief Encounter). "We don't play just one style of music - no not in this band".

I have a purchased tape (remember those?) of the live performance bought in the Half Moon Putney around 1990 - the sound quality has degraded over time, but you get a better feel for the whole show. While Songs can be heard one at a time, ripped from the CD 'Short Life'. Unfortunately these lack a little of the atmosphere of the real live show as they were recorded without an audience (but the sound quality is much better).

I was introduced by a friend who just said 'you've got to see this band' and first saw them in the Half Moon Putney. HMP is a small venue and DBP could at times be a big band - depending on how many horns and backing singers were around on the night. Sometimes there seemed to be more on the stage than on the dancefloor.

Then they got a support slot at the Marquee. The Marquee gave them a residency for several weeks, but they also continued to play around London building up a following. They eventually got a slot at the Town and Country club in Kentish Town where Dr Death Bang's cock fell off (don't ask, just don't ask). After that things seemed to drift a little. I moved away from London aaround 1992 and basically lost touch but apparently they played the edinburgh festival and finally stopped around 1994.

The hallowed Google hasn't had much information. I have added some links to some former band members I found looking for DBP. If anyone wants to you can register as a member of this site and may be find other Scumbag Posse members to reminise with. Oh and I've ripped the music off completely - Lovely Lovely Lovely, the first cassette and Short Life, the CD. If you do hold the copyright and would prefer that I sell the music on your behalf, I can do that.

If you have photos, memorabilia, the wig ("She's gone for the wig...") I would be only to happy to add to these pages.

  • NEW 2017 - Here's someone else with a review:

Now a reminder: some of DBP's music and humour is likely to offend (and make you laugh). If you are of a sensitive disposition or have a weak heart or are under 16, please close this window now ("you've had your last warning").

Short Life - CD issue

Tracks from Short Life CD:


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