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DBP - revenge of the Scumbag Posse

Lovely Lovely Lovely - Live cassette version

With genuine, and original, 1990's cassette hiss...


Micky T Shaft81.86.57.13381.86.57.133
02 Jan 2009 17:40
Hi Maggie - T Shaft here (Mick) oh those were the days - we are talking about a reunion - u should all be there 100 Club Ocford St 2009!!
Maggie Hearne86.141.195.1386.141.195.13
28 Dec 2008 17:46
Happy memories for me - I was a backing singer with the band for a couple of years until late 80s - early 90s. It was a blast. It's great to know that members of the scumbag posse are out there, remembering the band as they were, at their maddest best!
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