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Useful things to know!

If you have any editing tips that might be usefull - leave a comment!

'None' option for Subsites

If you set the Synonym for Sites to None - the sub-sites list in the orgmenu menu and on the main links will be removed!

Synonym for Sites

You can change the word used for subsites when creating a site. This will then change the word in every instance, including the administration links.

Animated Gifs

If you want to add a little movement to you page, animated gifs will work in the image library the same as normal pictures.

Main menu shortcut

You can access the main Notanant menu at any point by clicking on the Notanant logo in the bottom right corner of the page or by clicking on the Quick Links banner.

Carriage returns and line breaks

When adding text into the editor if you want to start a new line without starting a new paragraph simply hold down SHIFT then RETURN.

Automatic log out

After thirty minutes of inactivity the system will automatically log you out, this is a standard security feature web browsers have in place.

One way to avoid this any where that you are entering a volume of text in a webform is to use Ctrl-A, Ctrl-C to copy all the text before clicking on the submit button in case the connection drops. This then saves the information and can be pasted back in if needed.

Image editing tools

Editing pictures on a budget? Here are a few solutions to help you on your way...

Gimp - which is a free opensource program similar to photoshop. It's got lots of tricks, possibly too many as it can confuse sometimes. But if you're after a good solution and don't mind the leg-work it is definitely worth it.

Photoshop Express - Adobe (the people behind Photoshop) have released a cut down version of Photoshop on the internet. It is free (and requires no download) and incorportes a social networking system and galleries for your work similar to Flickr. Of course it doesn't have all the features of the real thing but it is surprisingly good!

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