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Notanant is currently looking for business partners and investors to help develop sales and application areas to enable the software to reach full potential

Notanant Limited is a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Dobney Corporation Limited and provides the standard on-line Notanant site services, offline website design and development including consultancy and content creation. In addition it provides customised and server-level sales of Notanant technologies suitable for use across a very wide range of Web2.0 applications.

The Notanant web-application has been developed over 4 years and runs on open source LAMP technology. It was designed from the ground up to be flexible over the method of delivery of content (HTML, WAP, Flash), to allow a very wide range of uses and configurations and does not rely on underlying database or server technologies. Currently there are more than 250 component scripts that form the basis of the application and around 1 million lines of code.

Notanant is currently in use by a range of companies and non-profit organisations for use either as a standard but very easy to manage website, or to use some of the many deep features for managing members, assets, sales and information. We have attracted the interests of Internet and conventional music industry businesses as a method of rapid prototyping new Internet business ideas and as an underlying social networking and e-commerce engine.

We are looking for help and investment to roll Notanant out across major markets and from entrepreneurs with new ideas for web-businesses which they either want to create a fast prototype and demonstration, or otherwise wish to use Notanant as the driving technology

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