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Featured links

The featured component collects links, external or internal, and can be used to bring them onto the front page as featured items.


The featured component is controlled via a links page, you can find this from the top bar links on the main page of your site. The links page is where you collect and edit the featured links. These can be either internal or external links. Currently internal links need to be collected into groups depending on what type of page they link to, ie a set of content area links or a set of article links.

Adding a link

Adding links works via the copy and paste model, similar to moving and re-arraging the structure. First you go to the page you want to link to then click on the white copy button (usually located on the right at the bottom). Now navigate back to your home page and then to the links page, at the top there will be the option to 'paste link'. The name of the page you had copied should be there as 'Item name:'. You can now rate the link (for external links) and also put in some summary text, this will be shown next to the link and thumbnail when you place the featured component on the page.

Editing a featured item

To re-edit the text first go to the links page, from the main page, then click on the 'edit' link by the right of each item. The summary for the featured component will not affect the actual summary for the featured item, just the featured component. In this way there is flexibility for the front page.

Bringing the links onto the page

To place the featured component on the page use these %% commands (without spaces):

%% fsites (for featured sites)

%% ftopics (for featured content areas)

%% fkbs (for featured articles)

The component should be placed in the main area and as with other components you can split it into columns, depending on how many items are listed:

%% ftopics-3

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