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Community based websites and communities of sites - what do you mean by that? Here we explain the philosophy behind Notanant and some of the things that Notanant lets you do.
One description that we use to describe Notanant is the creation of sites based on community principles because it allows you to control and share information with the people you want effortlessly, but build flexibly and add the functions you want when you want. The smart thing is that this community is that it can be used to support a host of different types of web-applications.
  • HTML-free websites that are easy to edit
  • Groups and forums and on-line communities
  • Spam-free communications with people you know
  • On-line address books and family albums
  • Customer knowledge and CRM systems
  • Associations and club management
  • On-line surveys and data collection
  • Personal control over your own privacy
  • Subscription-based services like e-zines and downloads
  • On-line directories and matching services

All can be created and used through the Notanant through the Web or WAP based mobile phones.

The reason Notanant can do this is that the cellular structure means it is able to match and manage any membership organisation enabling members to access privileged information and links this information back to the real world. More particularly Notanant captures and develops natural links between organisations and members mirroring the real world on-line. So a member on Notanant could be a member of several things at the same time while controlling how you are seen and how you can be communicated with.

Notanant is currently being used by families scattered geographically to share news and pictures in private, clubs and associations to share contact information, events and just to be on-line, small businesses for customer management, and bigger businesses for competitor monitoring. See the section Using Notanant to start to find your way around and understand the services that are available.

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