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Where Notanant comes from

Notanant is a product that has developed from the understanding of the internet and organisations by, a specialist market intelligence agency based in Bath in the UK.

Notanant has arisen from the insight from that all websites and all web-services can be built from a simple yet extremely flexible basis and can all be created and managed in broadly the same way.

This insight comes from our history of working researching how the Internet is used and using the Internet for our work, together with detailed understanding of what customer-focused businesses need to be able to manage to be successful. In particular we recognise that systems where customers themselves can control their own data are better than generic databases.

We're used to working with complex organisational structures and rapidly changing where information is not always in convenient chunks and where flexibility to move between structured and unstructured information is essential. These insights and experiences mean that Notanant goes beyond common single organisation solutions to getting on-line, providing services that work for everyone in a simple to use package, yet with the full power to know that this can mimic 80% of websites and services that exist today.

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